2016 Star Wars LEGO Set Images!

Images of 2016 Star Wars #LEGO sets surface! New TFA B-Wing-esque ship w/Leia minifig! Love the streamlined design and the inclusion of a new Mon Calamari character! We also get a glimpse of the new Battlefront game tie-in sets! These are essentially troop builders with a small accessory. Digging the Shock Trooper minifig! Prequels fans are not left in the dark either. Slated for the next year are Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor & a Separatist Spider Homing Spider Droid! Lastly we get two Empire Strikes Back playsets. The long awaited Carbonite Freezing Chamber & a Hoth battle diorama. I have to admit the Carbonite Freezing Chamber is a little disappointing in its simple construction & small scale. Taking a step back, it’s definitely apparent there’s a shift in focus to minifig heavy sets for the LEGO Star Wars line. Stay tuned for more 2016 LEGO reveals!

75137 Carbon Freezing Chamber

2016 Star Wars LEGO Carbon Freezing Chamber
75138 Hoth Attack

2016 Star Wars LEGO Hoth Attack
75140 The Pirate Transport (TFA)

2016 Star Wars LEGO Pirate Transport
75134 Galactic Empire Battle Pack

2016 Star Wars LEGO Galactic Empire Battle Pack
75133 Rebels Battle Pack

2016 Star Wars LEGO Rebel Battle Pack
75141 Kanan Speeder Bike

2016 Star Wars LEGO Kanan Speeder Bike
75135 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor

2016 Star Wars LEGO Jedi Interceptor
75142 Homing Spider Droid

2016 Star Wars LEGO Homing Spider


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