2016 Super Heroes LEGO Sets Revealed!

Images of 2016 Super Heroes #LEGO sets surface! Super cool mini #Batmobile polybag from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie! DC fans can also look forward to a Batman vs. Superman playset with an “armored up” Batman minifig equipped with a kryptonite stud shooter! Next we have two sets from the Marvel Universe. Red Skull & his Hydra Henchman are once again plotting to take over the world, now with a new sleek black submarine! Note that this looks to be a comic version of Captain America vs. a the Marvel Cinematic Universe incarnation. Lastly is a LEGO Juniors line Iron Man vs. Loki! Definitely aimed at kids with the large pieces & simple construction. We always seem to get cars with our Marvel super heroes. Definitely worth picking up if you need an Iron Man and/or Loki minifig at a reasonable price. Judging from these photos it seem like we are not getting many new Super Hero minifig prints. In addition, similar to upcoming Star Wars wave, LEGO is shifting these sets to more minifig heavy as well. Stay tuned for more 2016 Super Heroes LEGO reveals!

76044 Batman vs. Superman #1

2016 Super Heroes LEGO Batman vs Superman

30446 Batman vs. Superman Batmobile Polybag

2016 Super Heroes LEGO Batmobile Polybag

76048 Iron Skull Sub Attack
2016 Super Heroes LEGO Iron Skull Attack
10721 Juniors Iron Man vs Loki

2016 Super Heroes LEGO Iron Man vs Loki


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