StudShooter! WarningWelcome fellow LEGO fans to my About page! I’d personally like to thank you for dropping by & visiting my blog. Most likely you’ve stumbled upon this site from my Twitter account, @studshooter! If you haven’t, please follow me on Twitter & I promise you won’t be disappointed (please don’t hold me to that, lol). I’m also a co-host, along with @FLYGUY & @TulsaScott, on the Complete Bricks Podcast. It’s a fun show where we cover all things LEGO and more.

On the encouragement of a good friend, I started these two social mediaoutlets. I’ve been a big fan of LEGO my whole life but I was entirely too shy before to get out there and actively take part in this great community. Now that I’ve “taken the plunge” I can wholeheartedly recommend, as a former lurker, to get out there and share your passion! Feel free to tweet me anytime with questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I love hearing from you guys and I always respond!

Beyond LEGO, I also avidly collect Hasbro Star Wars 3.75″ & 6″ figures, Hot Toys, Sideshow, Kubricks, 1979 Alien anything, Funko POP, and pretty much anything else that catches my eye. Love all types of robots, creatures, & aliens (ie. Star Wars, Terminator, Predator, Alien, Marvel Universe, LOTR, Hobbit, etc, etc, etc.)


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