LEGO Minifig Masterpiece!

LEGO Minifig Masterpiece! Stunning retro #LEGO #minifigure portraits by @JoeSimpsonArt! Every detail of these lovable figures is captured from the manufacturing seam lines to the differences in plastics. The warm & cool lighting brings in a sense of mood & story. My personal favorite is the LEGO ghost minifig for the beautiful subtle variations in color and even a hint of translucency in the phantom’s hood. The artist’s affinity for the LEGO minifig really translates with this series of oil paintings. Check out Joe Simpson’s website for more of his amazing oil paintings:!

LEGO Minifig Masterpiece Ghost
LEGO Minifig Masterpiece Pirate
LEGO Minifig Masterpiece Spaceman
LEGO Minifig Masterpiece Portraits


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